Impose A New Tax On The Excess Profits of Energy Companies

Recently there have been unprecedented rises in energy prices with further rises planned for October 2022 meaning energy suppliers are passing on rising costs to consumers while  according to media reports Britain's big six energy companies have banked billions of pounds in the last few years.   Yet many of the country's households are struggling to pay soaring gas and electric bills.  It is essential  for households to be able to heat their homes to a safe level, but too many householders are being forced to make decisions about whether to heat or eat! It is clear the Government needs to address this by imposing a tax on energy companies!


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Oakenshaw Cross Must Stay

The OAKENSHAW CROSS is an historic monument in the heart of the village. It has been seriously damaged by HGVs. The Council WILL repair it.


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Johnson Must Go

While you followed the rules, Boris Johnson partied at Number 10.


He broke the law, lied and treated you with contempt.

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Year 6 children and their parents are having to think about the move next year to a secondary school. A form has to be filled in by the end of October.

In theory, parents and children have a choice of school. In practice, however, a choice only exists if there are more school places than children who need them.

In Cleckheaton there are MORE children in year 6 than there are school places at Whitcliffe Mount. For children and their parents this, in effect means, that a choice of school is not really a choice at all.

Every year, parents contact Cleckheaton's  local councillors because they find their child has been allocated a school several miles away. This is always because parents thought that the choice was genuine and put, say WM, as second choice. It always resulted in their child not getting their first or second choice and being allocated a school place in a different town.

We don't want this heartache for families this coming year. Please, if you live in Cleckheaton, if you want to attend a local school put Whitcliffe Mount as the first choice.

There are 250 school places in each year group at Whitcliffe Mount. 1,000 attended the Open Evening last week. There are currently 80 children on the waiting list for this year's Year 7.





Urgent Road Repairs Demanded

Urgent Road Repair Needed

Scholes Lane / Pavillion View Cleckheaton. 

There has been a problem at this junction for many weeks. Kirklees Council has done a patching job on several occasions without responding to the bigger problem.

The road has been lifted again this weekend by a water leak. It is not certain whether this is a Yorkshire Water leak or the result of natural springs in the area.

I have spoken to YW this morning who will send a team out today.

I have also reported the road repair as an urgent one to Kirklees Highways.

Let's hope this finally resolves the problem.


Moor Hill Road Safety Petition

Moor Hill Rd Petition with Lindley Cllrs

There here have been a number of accidents at the junction of Moor Hill Road and Crosland Road / Cowrakes Road.  Many residents have contacted us with requests for action to be taken to improve road safety at this busy intersection and we are in full agreement.  We need the Council to take action now to ensure that the risk of further serious accidents is minimised at this location.

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Lib Dems announce new Batley and Spen by-election candidate Tom Gordon

The Liberal Democrats have announced a new candidate to contest the Batley and Spen by-election. 

Tom Gordon was born and raised in West Yorkshire and comes from a traditional working class background.

He became the first person in his family to go to university, where he studied Biochemistry and for a Masters in Public Health before going on to work in the scientific recruitment sector. He then worked as a health economics research assistant at the University of York.

The rising star recently caused a major upset when he was the first Liberal Democrat elected in a decade to neighbouring Wakefield Council, taking a safe Labour ward.



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Crosland Road Rec Survey

HRI Survey - Kirklees Liberal Democrats


Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust are proposing changes at hospitals in Huddersfield and Calderdale funded by £196m allocated to the trust in 2019.  The proposed plans will see the lions share of the investment going to Calderdale Royal Hospital, with only a fraction of the budget being invested at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, specifically in a new A&E department, improvements to some wards and theatres, new cladding and fire safety improvements.


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Say NO to vast warehouse proposal in Scholes, Cleckheaton

Proposal for vast warehouse off Whitechapel Road in Scholes.

As those of you who have been concerned about this site from the start - way back in 2015 - you will know that as your local cllrs we vigorously opposed the allocation of this site. You may also know we did that by proposing to the Council a different set of proposals which did not include this site. Andrew also attended and made representations to the Government appointed planning Inspector.

We know have this proposal. There is, as yet, no actual planning application.

The starting point is to see what is said in the Local Plan. The Local Plan states that as there is a high pressure gas pipeline across the site and, with the buffer or easement, only 10.68 ha are able to be developed out of a site area of 23.53 ha. The proposal is to develop the whole site. This is totally contrary to to the Local Plan. The Local Plan also states that the "indicative" capacity for the site is 37,380 sq.m. which is half of what is proposed.

We have been in discussions with the Planning Officer about the site. We need to see the any detailed plans which will have to include proposals to deal with the 2 gas mains and other major issues. Lots of people have already emailed / phoned/ messaged/ writing to us about their concerns. Please contact us if you want more information.

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