Car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians are all aware of the poor state of Kirklees roads and pavements. This winter's weather has just made the potholes bigger!

The Government has slashed funds available to Kirklees so there is around £100 million LESS to spend on all services. It is no wonder our roads and pavements are in such a poor state.

However, now is the time to borrow as interests rates are the lowest they have been for decades.

Kirklees Lib Dems are proposing that the Council borrows £10 million over the next couple of years to get the very worst of our potholed roads and pavements repaired.


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End of free parking in Slaithwaite and Marsden?

Kirklees Council plans for an end to FREE parking in Slaithwaite and Marsden? Cllr Nicola Turner is leading the fight back in Colne Valley.

Kirklees Labour plans in the Council Budget refer to a "review" of parking charges in towns and villages where it is currently FREE.

The Budget assumes that new charges will raise £250,000 for drivers over the next couple of years. No wonder the result of the “review” is seen as a forgone conclusion with Labour having already made up their minds.

However, we CAN STOP this attack on the viability of our town.

Please sign the Petition and then please spread the word and ask people to sign. We need a massive show of support to stop this going ahead.

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Labour to Increase Cost of Burials by £2,000

Kirklees Labour must come clean and tell residents exactly what the costs of a burial will be in 5 years time.

What they don’t want to reveal is that their plans will DOUBLE burial costs.

Currently the cost of an adult burial is £1815. This is made up of the cost of the purchase of a grave (£989) and the cost of internment (£826).

Kirklees Labour plan to increase costs of burial EVERY year for the next 5 years. The example the Council gives on the consultation website is for the FIRST year ONLY.

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Petition to save HRI services

Huddersfield Liberal Democrats' new petition to the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, regarding hospital services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary has gained almost 200 signatures in just a few days. If you would like to support our campaign to make sure Huddersfield has the health services it deserves, the link to the petition is here.

Neighbourhood plan for Lepton gets go ahead!

Since her election to Kirkburton Parish Council last November, Cllr. Alison Munro has been helping local people initiate a Neighbourhood Plan proposal for Lepton, Fenay Bridge, Lascelles Hall and Gawthorpe.

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Cllr Alison Munro to speak at Local Plan Enquiry

The Kirklees Local Plan pushed through by the Labour Party last Autumn includes over 800 new houses in Lepton - an unacceptable level of development for a small community. The Local Plan is the subject of a Planning Enquiry starting this October, although consideration of detailed applications such as those in Lepton will not happen until the New Year.

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Almondbury ward survey results

Since the General Election, Huddersfield Liberal Democrats have knocked on nearly 2000 doors in central Almondbury and Waterloo with a residents' survey.

Now we are continuing with surveys in the Fernside and Moldgreen areas over the winter. Here are the results from nearly 300 returns, and comments from Survey Co-ordinator Cllr. Alison Munro, and Cllr. Linda Wilkinson.

To see the results in detail go to our Facebook page.

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Neighbourhood plan for Almondbury?

Since her election to Kirkburton Parish Council last November, Alison Munro has been helping local people initiate a Neighbourhood Plan proposal for Lepton. A formal request was made to Kirkburton Parish Council to initiate production of a Plan, which was passed at a KPC meeting in August. The next step will be a survey of the area.

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Good news on Almondbury's Rose and Crown building

After four years of frustrating delays the planning application to convert the former Rose and Crown pub in central Almondbury into a shop and offices was passed in July, subject to some modifications to vehicle access and residential amenity with respect to the adjacent house that are being negotiated by officers.

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