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If you see issues with dangerous parking or traffic please REPORT IT to the Police, Council and your Lindley Lib Dem Cllrs -

Send an Email to: [email protected][email protected]

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Kirklees Council

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Your Lindley Liberal Democrat Councillors

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Anthony Smith

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Parking issues around schools are an age-old problem. A lot of schools in our area are situated on narrow roads in built-up residential areas, where even homeowners do not have enough space to park their cars.

Dangerous parking is an increasing issue around schools, putting the safety of children and others at risk. Parking on zig-zag lines or pedestrian crossings can cause visibility issues to drivers and people walking the pavements alike.

  • Drivers should not park near a school entrance.

As well as anywhere that prevents access for emergency services, at or near a bus stop, opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, over a dropped kerb, and in front of an entrance to a property.

  • Yellow zig-zag lines indicate the length of the road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited.

Where there is an upright sign, there is a mandatory prohibition of stopping and/or waiting during the times shown. Yellow zig zag lines without signs do not have a Traffic Regulation Order and therefore, are not legally enforceable.

  • White zig zag lines indicate the length of the road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited.

Unlike yellow zig-zag lines, white zig zag lines are enforced by local authorities and the police, and prohibit stopping or waiting even in the presence of a sign.

  • Stopping or waiting on a double yellow line is strictly prohibited

Double yellow lines prevent vehicle owners from parking or waiting in this area at any time.

  • Single yellow lines prohibit parking during specific times

A nearby sign will indicate the times in which vehicle owners are allowed to park on single yellow lines.

Lindley Liberal Democrats - Action on Shcool Car Parking

School Parking Examiner Clip


School Parking Examiner Clip

School Parking Examiner Clip

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