Labour in Kirklees - Massive Rise in Burial Fees

Labour Councillors in Kirklees are planning on massive rises in burial fees from November 1 this year.

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There has been a huge amount of criticism to the plans and Labour have said they will "pause" for a consultation. No doubt they will wait until after the Batley East by-election on October 26th to make their decision.

These are the planned details:

Costs of Adult Burial could rise from £826 to £1524 with and additional charge of £107 for Fridays and £516 for out of hours (before 9.30 and after 15.30)

Cremation charges are rising by over 10%

There is to be a new charge for casket burials of £254

Scattering ashes will cost £73

Choosing a grave site will cost £73

Testing the ground for a grave (within the cemetery) £214

For many people in Kirklees finding the cost for the burial of a loved family member will now be very expensive and difficult to afford. 

Kirklees Lib Dems will fight these charges.


Needless to say there has not been any public consultation on the plans. Lib Dem Councillors were not informed of the plans.

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