Impose A New Tax On The Excess Profits of Energy Companies

Recently there have been unprecedented rises in energy prices with further rises planned for October 2022 meaning energy suppliers are passing on rising costs to consumers while  according to media reports Britain's big six energy companies have banked billions of pounds in the last few years.   Yet many of the country's households are struggling to pay soaring gas and electric bills.  It is essential  for households to be able to heat their homes to a safe level, but too many householders are being forced to make decisions about whether to heat or eat! It is clear the Government needs to address this by imposing a tax on energy companies!


We, the undersigned request the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to impose a new tax on the excess profits of energy companies and use such monies raised to target help for low income households, including - State Pensioners; those on benefits; the disabled and low income households with children.

We will include your name and, address when submitting the petition to Her Majesty's Government.

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