Year 6 children and their parents are having to think about the move next year to a secondary school. A form has to be filled in by the end of October.

In theory, parents and children have a choice of school. In practice, however, a choice only exists if there are more school places than children who need them.

In Cleckheaton there are MORE children in year 6 than there are school places at Whitcliffe Mount. For children and their parents this, in effect means, that a choice of school is not really a choice at all.

Every year, parents contact Cleckheaton's  local councillors because they find their child has been allocated a school several miles away. This is always because parents thought that the choice was genuine and put, say WM, as second choice. It always resulted in their child not getting their first or second choice and being allocated a school place in a different town.

We don't want this heartache for families this coming year. Please, if you live in Cleckheaton, if you want to attend a local school put Whitcliffe Mount as the first choice.

There are 250 school places in each year group at Whitcliffe Mount. 1,000 attended the Open Evening last week. There are currently 80 children on the waiting list for this year's Year 7.





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